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' Where do you get the ideas for all of these amazingly hilarious characters? - Camilla L

- Well most of the characters are already written out for the story lines, but we allow the cast to do pretty much what they like with them. They have free roam. I find that it works best when the characters are acted freely. Sometimes we don't even have a script; we just have set targets for the scene and let them figure it out.

' Where is the real set Hamaville based on?' - Clive Gerrard

- A very tiny German village I visited in the early 1990's. Everybody knew everyone's business. It was a little freaky village with lots of potential; I thought, 'Hey what the hell?'

'I once read somewhere that this show was something you thought of when you were very young? Is that true?' - Stephanie Turner

- Yes, that is true. I first came up with the idea of 'Destiny' *although it was never called that* when I was in school. I used to day dream, and imagine a little village where people lived extreem lives. As I got older, I told friends and they thought that I should attempt to act it out. And I did, and look at it now.

'My little cousin wants a Gertrude & Cecil bedset. Do you have selected outlets or do we have to buy from this website?' - Diane Kearns

- Yes we do sell in outlets, however there is a 10% increase in prices. You're better off buying it from the online shop to be honest. Read up on the T&C surrounding delieveries etc.

'I was never really that much of a fan until one day I couldn't find the remote so I was forced to watch a full episode. It was only then I realised how amazing the production is; Do you really do all of this on your own?' Anon

- Well first of all thankyou for that lovely compliment, it means a lot. I've got no prior experience with production so I'm surprised you would say that. It is done mostly by myself, I have a lovely little runner but he isn't too advanced. He just likes to fetch things.

'This show has been going since I can remember but there has never been a underage pregnancy, why is that?' - Jacob Summers

- Puppets don't have an age Jacob. They are just puppets.

'When you killed Maralyn off in 2003 you never explained why she had to run away to Egypt  before she was hit by that 3 tonne truck...'  George Frankinhurst.

- Well George, the character was moving to Egypt to meet up with her online lover, who was bribing her for money. When she realised he didn't really love her and just wanted her dead Uncles estate she took her own life. Didn't you watch that episode?

' I always liked it when Cecil forgave Gertrude for being a dirty ho bag but why did you never think of killing Gertrude off and bringing someone in who would treat Cecil right?' - Patty Marker

- Where would be the fun in that, drama = ratings Patty.

'Where can I bye the songs off the episodes?' - Melis Anderson

- There not available atm, but we are compiling a new CD that should be available to buy in the Autumn 2010.

'What else has Sandy-Sue been in? I know her face from somewhere.' - Paul Fisher.

- Well Paul she used to be a childrens puppet model, but after that she appeared in several episodes of Sooty and Sweep as an extra. She has also appeared on a talk to frank advert in late 2006. And if none of those help you, she had a paperround when she was 8-11 and covered all of moss side. She has quite a colourful history. That covers it.

'I've always wondered who is the bossiest in real life? I always thought it would be Gertrude.' - Annie Kinder

- Well here at Destiny headquaters we don't like to name and shame, but the bossiest is not a female. How about that for you.

 'You know when the characters die, where do they go?' - Heratio Spring

 - Hamaville Heaven

'I'm confused, you know when Sandy-Sue got chased by those big fish- What was that supposed to mean?' - Sally K

- Well Sally, it was really a play on words. You see the fish were sharks, and Sandy-Sue was being chased for money by Loan Sharks...So it all goes hand in hand really. I'm so happy your question got chosen I really am!

'Is Cecil really 6 foot tall or is he made to look bigger by the way it's filmed next to Gertrude, because I read somewhere that Gertrude is also unusually tall for a finger puppet.' - Jack Stone

- Yes, believe it or not Gertrude is taller than Cecil is real life, but the way we film it ensures that Cecil looks taller. In the series, you are correct he is supposed to be 6.3'', however in real life he is only 5'6'', so camera angles can be very tricky sometimes. And Yes Gertrude is very very tall, she is 5'9'' which for a finger puppet is almost unheard of. In fact she used to be a Finger puppet model at Gapp when she was younger. Thankyou.

'In Olga's final scene is the picture of her against the grey tile supposed to symbolise the end of Alfred Hitchcock's Pyscho? - John Prescott

- Yes, very well spotted, we do enjoy putting random film triva into our programmes. For example, when Cecil meets Olga, we set the bench scene to look like 'When Harry met Sally', it's those kind of jokes and quirks that make making the show so enjoyable.

' I have all of the children based character books in the range, but I was wondering if you were going to release a script book at any point.' - Kath Pickle

- At the moment, we only have the childrens books on press, but we are looking into children's activity books and yes eventually a script book. But nothing for the next year or so I'm afraid. But we do take these requests seriously... so thankyou.

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