For those of you who have only just started tuning in, a rough guide to 'Destiny'. How it came to be one of the most ridicious soaps, and some of the secrets of the trade.  

 The show first aired it's pilot on 2nd October 1994, created and set in Liverpool, United Kingdom. The show is set in fictional town 'Hamaville' based on 6 main characters- Gertrude, Cecil, Sandy-Sue, Jeremy, Winston and Olga Hama. All of the characters add their own unique characteristics to the show. 

The show is reknowned for it's cutting edge style and innovation with plotlines. 'With us there are no taboos' - Director Rebecca Weights. This has helped the show get in the spot light, being nominated for best puppet soap in 1994, 1995, 1997 and 2002. Picking up 3 awards, and maintaining the award for the longest running puppet soap opera ever given to them in 2007.

The show has seen quite a range of storylines, from closet Nazi supporters, to Jim the pervy gardener. In the public these hard cutting story lines never fail to shck their audiences with purpose.

'We don't want to shock our fans, we just want them to know that these storylines are true to life, although for obvious reasons we dramatize and sensationalise we don't deviate from the what does happen.'  - Spokesperson for the show.

In 2008 the show was cancelled due to poor ratings on the cable channel Puppet Appearences. As Destiny was one of the two shows keeping the channel from being axed - the other being 'Thunderbirds'. They took 6 months off the air and revamped their cast and sets, rumouring to have the show back over 6 digits. The set reopened sexier, raunchier and more dramatic than ever. Since then the show has never strayed far from the headlines, it has become the latest craze. Leading to their fantastic range of merchandising, from lunchboxes to sweets to a range of childrens books.

Director, producer, script writer, set manager.

Name - Miss Rebecca Weights

Age - 22 (7-9-87)

Loves - Marshmellows, Summer and Fahita night.

Hates - Umberellas (brollys included), nuts/peanuts, running out of fruitini ice lollies.


Name - Bill Beau Baggin's

Age - Approx 70 (in dog years)

Loves - Walkies, when gran forgets and feeds him twice and chasing birds.

Hates - Going to the vets, luke warm water and Lattes.  

For information about the cast and stars of the show please visit  Cast Information and Bio's page.

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