This page is for a collection of our favourite guestbook entries. If you don't appear up here, don't take it personally, we have a lot to get through and only a select few are chosen. These are rotated every 4 weeks.  

'I couldn't believe the Easter episode, Cecil is so naughty. I hope he gets caught, it's been over a year since the last trial.'  - Abbie Klipt

'I'm trying to be supportive of the show, but at the moment I feel it's a little boring...I hope there is a good story in the pipeline.' - Mr Killjoy

'y di uze lot get canculled? ur gr8!' - Dominik P

'Me and my mates Sky+ all of these episodes and watch them on a Friday night. We love them! It is hilarious!' - Kylie Johnson

'This is the worst TV show I have EVER had the misfortune of watching. I caught my 11 year old son watching this drivell and I am DISGUSTED that you are allowed to air before the watershed. What kind of network are you?!' - An angry mother.

'Why don't you have a fav show or quotations page? that would be hilarious!' - Mrs Bright idea

'Craptastic' - Handy Andy

' It's so bad it's good. I don't miss a show.' - Peter A

'Killing Olga off was the worst thing this show has ever done. You're never gunna have higher ratings now' - Fran Fingercake

'How can such a ridiculous idea for a programme actually work. It well and truely amazes me. p.s Gertrude is fit!' - Shaun Pellet

'Destiny is fab it really mirrors every day life and makes me feel good about myself.' - Ollie Canoe

'Puppets = Amazing apart from anything else the filming is fantastic. LOVE IT'  - Yolanda K

'Shite' - Anon

'Pointless and not entertaining, I have had more fun pulling teeth.' - Anon

'I bought a dvd of the episode of sandy-sue and cecil and the interviews after it made it worthwhile. it's makes me laff how they r nothin like that in really life are they though? - Penelope W

'I dont like this show because it makes a mockery of real life tragedies. My mum and dad told me so.' - David Ball

'the director of this show needs shooting in the face with a massive gun.' - Anon

'Billy the pervy gardener was my favourite character, why did you make him fall off the ladder?' - Lillian Jacob

'h8 u n ur show, u stupid f*&%ing c&*#' - Anon

'love it , love it, LOVE IT - keep up the good work. You fill my life with joy' - Rebecca Mc

''You must have a right old laugh making this show.' - Thomas Cooke

'When Olga killed herself I nearly DIED - That scene deserves like an award or something.' John Bell

'I tried to get the online episode on Sky+ but it never worked? I dunk understand.' - Anna Keeley

'Well and first and foremost, I am shocked and surprised that you killed off one of the best characters in this damn show, and by that obviously I am referring to Olga Hama. Secondly, where do you get off writing stories about Nazism, you're like 12. My grandparents were there in that HELL, not you, so don't even START to write about it. I always thought this soap was lowlife, but this is a NEW low. I'm disgusted.' - Anon

'Sometimes when I'm bored I like to pretend I'm in an episode of Destiny.' Gabby Jenkins

'Where do you get the costumes from? Or do you make them, they are like soooo cute <3<3<3<3'  - Stacey Hill

' I got a tattoo of Cecil on my back, he is ACE \m/' - Scott Howard

'However much Sandy Sue steals, I still think she is absolutely Adorable!' - Mrs Aardvark


'Oh my God, this is my favourite soap EVER! But I can't believe you killed off Bill, he wuz sooo hot!'
- Fiona Hills

'Why does Cecil keep getting hurt, he like totally doesn't deserve it. It's pointless, KILL OFF GERTRUDE'
- Anon

'Can i av cecils mob num, i wana go out wi im'
- Frank Zappa

'When my marriage was destroyed by my tramp of an ex husband last year, this soap was the only thing that made my life feel like it was worth living. The far fetched plotlines and horrible outcomes made me feel so good, thank you.'
Miss Guilty Pleasures

'Sometimes I watch the same episode like 5 times because the bad acting makes me laugh so much. Thanks for s**** and giggles.'
- Jake (Huddersfield)

'They cancel 'quintuplets' but keep this utter S*&# on, I don't understand this world.'
- Anon

'Is Jeremy gay in reel life?'
- Kieron

'This is my most favourite programme ever, I have all the episodes on Sky+'
- Lillian Hotchkiss

'Keep up the good work, you make my kids shut up between 8 and 9 so I'm not complaining. They love you, you oldest has Gertrude the doll.'
- Heather Smithson

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