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This week we are beginning to advertise for the renowned  'Soap Opera Awards'. This year the Soap Awards are hosted in our City 'Hama', so we are eager to win again. Come on fans, let's make it 3 years in a row.


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Destiny to win Soap Awards 2011 (under construction)

Destiny to win Soap Awards 2010

Want to get involved...


Have you ever wanted to be in a episode of destiny specially written by you, and acted by your choice of cast?

Well this week we have a special competition for you all. All you have to do is submit a potential plotline. This plotline has no relevance to any current plotline. It can be as random as you like. That is the beauty of it!

The best 10 applications will recieve a free choice of merchandise.

3rd place - A date with any cast member to a Puppetstar restaurant in Soho London.

2nd place - A weekend for two in Paris. All exclusive.

1st place - The opportunity to write and act in your very own episode of 'Destiny'. Which will be aired in our special anniversary week. You can choose your own characters or even employ your own.

A fantastic opportunity.

Competition opens Friday 16th May and Closes Midnight on Thursday 22nd May.

Entrees must be over the age of 16.

How to submit your entries?

Plot Line Competition

If you are successful in the first stage you will be required to resubmit in more detail. Thank you.

You can also submit them as a comment or F.A.Q; Although be aware that we cannot guarantee copyright.


- At the moment we are dealing with a technical difficulty but your submitted plot lines should be viewable as soon as we have fixed the issue. Apologies for any inconvience.


Want to speak to your favorite character this week?

This week we have Cecil answering your questions online after the show (9.30pm GMT Thursday) in the 'Contact Us' page forum.   

Notices for all. 

This week has seen the opening of the facebook group voting 'Destiny' as 2012 Best soap. Although it's a little early to campaign, we are eager to beat our rivals. With this, we want to thank you for adding this as a group, the number indicates how much support we have, and although we are aware that not all of our fans have facebook - the ones that do are participating for everybodies benefit.


The cast and team behind destiny. 

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