Kid's Zone has launched it's first competition of many.

Asking our kid fans to create a Sea Creature that lives in Hamaville Sea.

Thankyou to all who entered, everybody was great. We have picked our favourite 10 to announce on the website. If your picture is up, you've won a Hamaville stationary set and colouring book.

For all of those who didn't make it to finals - well done, and keep on trying. 

Congratulations too;


Dylan Aged 9

Great use of line work Dylan. 

Stacey Aged 8

A fantastic use of colour Stacey. We love the rainbow. 

Jackie Aged 14

A great effort Jackie, very inventive. Reminds us of Ursella from The Little Mermaid. 

Thomas Aged 4

A great idea to have the creature invisible but smelly. We bet he is really smelly! 

Kayley Aged 3

What a funny looking monster. Well done Kayley, you're quite the little artist.

Hattie Aged 4

We really like this Hattie, a great spin on a sea creature.  

You've WON!

Matilda Aged 11

Well done Matilda, why should the sea creature be evil. Very inventive, and you have made him very friendly. 

Abi Aged 7 and a half

Well done Abi, a great attempt and he looks just like a squiggley worm. 

Sally Aged 5 and three quaters

We really like what you have done here, making a cat fish look like a cat. I bet he wants to eat himself. 

Bradley aged 5

Well done Bradley, a really good attempt. He looks friendly. 

All the names above recieve a fantastic Hamabead stationary set and colouring book

Any now to announce our WINNER 

WELL DONE HATTIE (AGED 4) You have won the whole Hamaville children's book set. Congratulations.

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